Building a healthy relationship with yourself and with others

Why are we so quick to rush from A to B in many areas of our lives (e.g., career, love life, healthy lifestyle/well-being, financial goals, etc.)? What if the best parts of the journey are happening right in front of us, right now? There’s a popular quote that says, “Focus on the journey, not the destination.” Many have quoted Buddha to explain this as well. Buddha’s quote says, ” Happiness is a journey and not a destination”. It’s the journey, that moment-by-moment, that’s more important than the actual destination. We (myself included) miss so much by being too focused on the future, and not living in the present.

Don’t let the end goal be your thing/driver. Let the process be your “thing”. In the long run, it (the process) makes you better. More times than not, you know the way, but it’s the practice that gets you there. We have to learn to enjoy the practice and make the journey the goal as oppose to the end goal being the goal.

I once read something that said, “This life moves quickly, but the best parts of any trip and any experience surely are the moments between all the organization. The getting there. The in-transit moments. The times you don’t even realize are passing you by before your very eyes. These are the moments to live for, and it’s about time we started realizing it.

Here are six tips to help you focus more on the journey than the destination.

  1. Remind yourself to be present in the moment. It’s human nature to focus on the future. We are often “trained” to do so, but when you become so consumed with the future, you miss out on the beauty that is before you in the present. Focus on what is happening for you in the present.
  2. Go with the flow. Things don’t always happen the way you want them to. Sometimes things work out better than you planned! Go with the flow and make the best of every situation. When you go with the flow, you are simply trusting that the universe may have a bigger and better plan for you.
  3. Smell the flowers along the way. You’ve heard the expression, “Stop and smell the roses.” This basically means to live your life with a deeper appreciation of the world around you – slow down and notice the little things that makes your life worthwhile.
  4. Focus on the process rather than the end result. There will be times when you get impatient and feel like you aren’t reaching your goals fast enough. But here’s the thing: progress is always way more important than perfection. After all, the journey – rather than the destination – is what shapes you and builds your character.
  5. Celebrate every victory, however small they may seem. Every small step leads you to the bigger picture. It’s worth celebrating the small victories because the small victories add up, and by celebrating the mini victories along the way, you’ll have a more enjoyable journey.
  6. Get out of your own way. Sometimes you are unable to enjoy the journey because you are getting in your own way. Do you get caught up in habitual ways of thinking? Do you have certain feelings that dominate your everyday life? Is your mind consumed with judgments, expectations, worries, resentments, and stories about what should and shouldn’t happen? If so, you are getting in your own way.



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