Building a healthy relationship with yourself and with others

Change the narrative!

I want to share a message from a sermon I heard. The sermon talked about when the Lord told Moses to drop his rod on the ground and it became a snake and Moses ran from it. This made me ask myself, what am I running from.  What are you running from?  It’s time to stop running and face what you have to face – are you running from love, are you running from responsibility, are you running from life, what are you running from? You will never be who you were meant to be if you keep running from things that scare you. You just might be running from something God gave you.

During the sermon, the pastor asked an interesting question. Do we sometimes impose on other people what’s really coming from us? Your “they” might be you in disguise. How often do you say, “They didn’t…” “They won’t let me…” They aren’t…” What you believe about “they” is really a reflection of you believe about yourself.  Do you have a limited perception?

(Quoting words from the sermon) God wants to show you the potential of what’s in your hand.  Moses had to learn this in private so that it wouldn’t mess him up in public.  Moses had to use that same rod to part the red sea, but if he didn’t have confidence in private, he would not have had confidence in public.  The same is true about you. You have more than you think you do.  You can do more than you think you can do.  You can have more than you think you can have. The problem is not coming from what “they” believe. It’s coming from what you believe.

Moses threw down his rod, and it became a snake. The Lord told him to grab it by the tail, and when he grabbed it by the tail, it became a rod again.  He caught it as a snake, and it became a rod again. Sometimes you will not see until you grab it.  The problem is that most of you (myself included) want to see your way clear before you pick it up, but God wants you to pick it up when you are scared, nervous, or intimidated.

You may find yourself saying to God, “I was scared enough to run from it, now you are asking me to pick it up? If I thought I could handle it, I never would have run from it.” Maybe God is trying to show you that if you step over your fear & grab it by faith, it will change in your hand. Your snake may be whatever you have been running from.  God will often bless you the greatest through that thing you are afraid of.  You cannot overcome what you will not confront.

Moses’ strength was made perfect in his weakness.  God challenged what Moses believed.  What do you believe about yourself? You may say the right things – imitate the right thing, but in private, you live out your belief.  For example, do you believe you are a failure? Do you believe you are too old to accomplish something? Do you believe you will always be alone? The things you believe become your vision statement.  You live out the words you rehearse to yourself.  You try to convince everybody else that you are something that you don’t believe.  You must change your belief. You will never completely be healed or whole until you change the voice inside of your own head.  Nobody can do it for you. You must do it for you.  When you are trying to drive out stinky thinking, you have to say it over and over.  Talk to your issue. Change your story. The greatest enemy to belief is the lies you tell yourself.  Change the narrative in your head!

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