Building a healthy relationship with yourself and with others

We’ve all heard the expression that hindsight is 20/20. How many times have you reflected on things you have done, could have done or should have done? Do you ever feel like you have not achieved your potential or desire? If you answered yes to both questions, you are not alone. 

We tend to be so focused on surviving from day to day until we don’t really allow ourselves the opportunity to focus on what we really want out of life, what we are truly passionate about.  Have you ever been excited about getting a new job, but once you started the job, the excitement fizzled.  You felt like something was missing.  You had that “empty” feeling.  Ok, perhaps you haven’t had that experience with a job – have you ever wanted something and once you got it, you didn’t have the feeling of excitement you thought you would?

Do you know what you truly want out of life? Do you know what you are passionate about? Do you know what would give you inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness? Do you know your heart’s desires? If not, you are walking through life passively and unfulfilled. We all have a longing for something.  What is your “something”?

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